A Sense of Workplace Belonging

A Sense of Workplace Belonging Work can—and should be—an opportunity to improve our happiness and satisfaction in life. Period. End of sentence. Duh. And yes, even if work is hard as there are true “hard parts” to workplace happiness but what’s happening in our work is just the opposite. Instead of adding to our happiness, most people … Read more

Goodbye 40s, Bring on the Gout

Summer 2022, Boys & Girls Club Bend

I should probably pay more attention to the symbolism around me more often. Today was my final day as someone able to claim being in their 40s. Over the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed thinking about this milestone, where I’ve been and where I’m intending on going from here. More on the latter later, tater. (tater reference for @Fernie).

Full-Circle Tangents: Apples, Oxytocin and Brunches

Cider Fest is one of my “legacy” emcee gigs and selectively “cherry pick” (see what I did there) a few community events I want to continuing emceeing. The Hard Cider Fest is like a beer fest but with, well it’s obvious I suppose, cider instead of beer.

An Escalating Sense of Lunacy

An Escalating Sense of Lunacy An escalating sense of lunacy… I’m not a religious comic book reader. Let me clarify, I’m not talking about religious comic books, though I’m sure they exist, I’m just saying I’m hooked on one and read it religiously: Calvin and Hobbes. I appreciate author and illustrator Bill Watterson deeply and always … Read more

Connecting Dots: A View From Behind the Microphone

Traditions, new and old. My brain has been connecting a lot of dots from an amazing kickoff to the summer season.    I write this sitting at the base of what we call W or Tenderfoot Mountain.  Surely the earlier inhabitants of our valley had another name as archaeologists have found  60 clusters of artifacts on … Read more

Full-Circle Tangents: Rock Stars, Doctors and Happy Explosions

As a kid, I grew up in southern New Jersey near Philadelphia. A hair band named Motely Crue was the first CD I ever owned. The “Dr. Feelgood” CD by Motley Crue came into my life in 1989 and I’m tuning into that album again as I write this. Ah power ballads, I have missed you.

Hot Dog, What an Idea!

Will I be the wiener? So I applied to drive the WeinerMobile……why not? Here’s my cover letter. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mayer: I finally mustard up the energy to put my feelings into words in the form of this application to be your next Hot Dogger.  This is a big day for me, one I will … Read more

Gunnison’s IBar Ranch – A West Slope Gem

In a previous blog I talked about a favorite place of mine, Bonefish Willy’s (Finding My Bonefish Willy’s) in Florida and other places from travels and former homes like Paradise Bay Resort on Oahu and Luncheria on St. Croix.  I’m always drawn to the off-the-beaten-path, nice but not too nice places that focus on food, surroundings and atmosphere … Read more