Goodbye 40s, Bring on the Gout

Summer 2022, Boys & Girls Club Bend

I should probably pay more attention to the symbolism around me more often. Today was my final day as someone able to claim being in their 40s. Over the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed thinking about this milestone, where I’ve been and where I’m intending on going from here. More on the latter later, tater. (tater reference for @Fernie).

Gunnison’s IBar Ranch – A West Slope Gem

In a previous blog I talked about a favorite place of mine, Bonefish Willy’s (Finding My Bonefish Willy’s) in Florida and other places from travels and former homes like Paradise Bay Resort on Oahu and Luncheria on St. Croix.  I’m always drawn to the off-the-beaten-path, nice but not too nice places that focus on food, surroundings and atmosphere … Read more