Full-Circle Tangents: Apples, Oxytocin and Brunches

Cider Fest is one of my “legacy” emcee gigs and selectively “cherry pick” (see what I did there) a few community events I want to continuing emceeing. The Hard Cider Fest is like a beer fest but with, well it’s obvious I suppose, cider instead of beer.

An Escalating Sense of Lunacy

An Escalating Sense of Lunacy An escalating sense of lunacy… I’m not a religious comic book reader. Let me clarify, I’m not talking about religious comic books, though I’m sure they exist, I’m just saying I’m hooked on one and read it religiously: Calvin and Hobbes. I appreciate author and illustrator Bill Watterson deeply and always … Read more

Full-Circle Tangents: Rock Stars, Doctors and Happy Explosions

As a kid, I grew up in southern New Jersey near Philadelphia. A hair band named Motely Crue was the first CD I ever owned. The “Dr. Feelgood” CD by Motley Crue came into my life in 1989 and I’m tuning into that album again as I write this. Ah power ballads, I have missed you.