What you get on stage is hard to replicate because of the decades of experience I’ve had with events including as both event producer, fundraising professional and as onstage talent. I’ve participated in events of all sizes from intimate private parties to multi-day festivals and everything in between. Bike races, ski races, running races, duck races (All the races!) And all the rest like conferences, trade shows, auctions, galas, youth-centered events, family gatherings, special events, parades, weddings, concerts…the list goes on and on.

What you get is an emcee who is…

Unflappable and Active. One thing common to all of these events: things rarely go as planned. I pride myself as being unflappable on stage when things are chaotic and on fire (literally one time!) backstage – no one in the audience will know. I work hard behind the scenes like a ninja with a mic to coordinate all the parts, pieces and people involved in delivering something memorable onstage.

Flexible and Authentic. Want costumes to fit your theme? Yes. Please! Need a little more nuanced and PG-13 humor for a corporate crowd? No problem. You can turn the dial on the humor to fit your audience and sponsors.

The Glue and Theme-Catcher. As emcee and/or moderator I’m always weaving together your event’s theme or the content from other presenters to craft a cohesive story to glue everything together. On occasion I do glue my fingers together but that’s a digression.

Anthony was the emcee for our 7th annual hard cider festival where we hosted around 800 people. His presence made the event much more cohesive – he was able to communicate the needed info to the crowd, maintain interest during down times between musicians, and conduct interviews with participating cideries. I would highly recommend Anthony’s work and hire him again in the future – his humor and personal attention was genuine, enjoyable, and delightful.” – Lil McClure, Big B’s CiderFest