Full-Circle Tangents: Not Another Team Building

Full-Circle Tangents: Not Another Team Building

A client recently asked me if I offered team-buildings. Of course, I said yes because I do offer something that meets the label of team-building but I don’t like the phrase. Phrases like team-building and even motivational speaker are common place and I reluctantly try to build SEO around those terms because those are the terms people search for. Sadly, those labels miss the bigger opportunity you and your team have when you gather together.

In the gatherings I facilitate we spend a lot of time showing each person the uniqueness of their contribution to the office with these three underlying goals:

People want to be valued.

People want to be heard.

People want to be respected.

When we see ourselves as leaders things shift.

“Ohhhhhhhh, now I get me.”

Individuals “get themselves” and see their inherent leadership qualities, their mix of character strengths and how those attributes are unique in the workplace.

When we see those around us leaders another big shift occurs. And I LOVE the moment when you see that look.  When adversaries see each other differently:

“Ohhhhhhhh, now I get them.”

A powerful moment of new awareness. 

Teams start seeing others in a new light and more importantly understanding why the person you admire has traits you admire and why the person who is the oil to you water often identifies as the complete opposite type of person from you.

And then seeing why the opposite of you brings incredible value to the workplace if you can welcome in those differences.

Adversaries turn into allies. 

Tensions dissolve.

Conflict fades and is replaced with respect.

Trust leads to vulnerability and communication gets deep and real.

Engagement spikes.

When people “get themselves” and can lead themselves then engagement soars above the stunning low 34% reported by Gallup on workplace engagement in the USA. Think about – that 66% of employees are not engaged in their work.

Tangent: “What do you do, Anthony?”

It’s hard to encapsulate into a quick reply to the query:

“What do you do, Anthony?”

That’s why I’ve quit saying: “I’m a professional speaker” or “I’m leadership expert” or “I’m a professional coach.”

And instead I say:

“I make people happy.”

It’s a fun opener to a conversation and creates a lot of opportunities to explore and connect.

Making people happy feels so good.

Full-Circle: Your employees desperately want to be heard, valued and respected. They want to give their best to their work. They want to be aligned with their role. They want to achieve. They want deeper relationships with their colleagues. They want to engage. They want meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging and a connection to work they are proud of. A company logo that makes them smile. A company culture they couldn’t imagine leaving.

Neither did my client and what’s transpired since our time together has been a joy to watch. An understanding of oneself, deeper trust, vulnerability, mutual respect, conversations that mean something. They’re happier.

They DID NOT want another “team-building”.

They wanted to be happy.

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