If humor was a food, it would be a superfood. Humor has superpowers and tapping into humor has incredible benefits! The research has shown your team will perform better when humor is part of the company culture. And fear not! Not everyone has the ability to be a comedian and being a stand-up comic isn’t necessary for you to facilitate more humor in your workplace. Our workshop explores how you approach humor and how to elevate humor within yourself and within your team. The results are spectacular – and of course, you’ll have fun throughout the process!

The Perfect Mix of Informative and Funny! I had the privilege to hear Anthony speak live, and I do not use the term lightly. He is an incredible speaker and blended information from his expertise with humor exquisitely. I loved watching him speak. In personal communication with Anthony, I told him his speaking was like watching a stand-up comedy show (something I do rather often) where I learned something. He spoke on his “Focus on the 40” philosophy. If you’re considering Anthony for your event, stop considering and book him. You won’t regret it. – Robert H.

This workshop is ideal for teams ready to go from from “Good” to “Great” and sets a foundation for a growth mindset around building a better culture one laugh at a time!


Humor builds trust and trust in the workplace is everything! Bonding is core to establishing trust and 55% of CEOs identify lack of workplace trust as a threat to their organizations growth. 1 Trust catalyzes innovation while also improving performance and risk-taking. Teams with high-trust cultures outperform their peers by 50%. 2


Stress has value…to a point but your brain is 31% more productive in a positive state. Working in high-stress environments bathes our brains in the fear-based neurochemical beast called cortisol and the constant barrage is bad for our health and our performance.


Leaders with the ability to perceive and support humor in the workplace are 23% more respected and better looking. 3 In addition, elevating your leaders through innovation and tactics linked to trust means you put out less fires all day long.


Performance is part innovation, part creativity, part resilience and all three are aided by humor. Workplaces with more trust are 76% more engaged than their less trusting workplaces. 2 As engagement is flagging in workplaces across the globe. 5 you can be on the workplaces were engagement remains strong.

Laughter won’t solve all of your challenges and dysfunctions overnight but humor is a catalyst for high-performing teams.

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